Frequently Asked Questions

Content Creation

We here at Extreme-SEO offer various types of content writing for online, as well as offline marketing collaterals and they, are as follows: Creative Copywriting: Creative copywriting is not all about writing sales copies about a particular brand, product, or service. It is the art of sales persuasion, by combining words with endless persuasion to divert consumers. Branded Content: It is part of promotional and part editorial content. This type of content can be used by businesses to promote their products in a highly engaging and sharable manner. You publish and your audience will promote it, just because of its sheer usefulness. Curated Content: Curated content is a definitive mix of copywriting and authority content. This type of content not only oozes in-depth research but adds an authoritarian fix to your articles by at least quoting 2-4 excerpts from authority sources encompassing your niche.  Product Reviews: Product reviews don’t only refer to products, services, movies, restaurants, books, etc, they can be written for anything that has existence. Highly convincing and gripping product reviews will captivate the attention of your target audience. Authority Articles: Articles will be written by our Authority writers who have a firm grasp on the subject matter of your niche. If you are looking for content that has an authoritarian feel to it, these articles will best suit your needs. Press Release: The written record that is meant for media members when you have to announce something important about your business can be done through a Press Release. An effective PR helps your business get favorable media attention and maximizes your public presence. Blog Writing: Having a blog for your website will attract a steady flow of visitors, which in turn will help you find customers. For a business, it is crucial in today’s time to maintain a blog as it helps you build credibility, brand yourself better, and help you communicate with your customers. Blog writing services can be availed for blog automation purposes as well.

Extreme-SEO caters to a wide range of companies and its clientele includes industries in varied fields such as education, real estate, IT, hospitality industry, and the web. We can boast that we work with a core team of versatile individuals who have expert’s knowledge on various subjects and topics that helps us to create meaningful, knowledgeable, and creative content for your website and help you earn the trust of your customer base.

With our well-connected network of highly skilled and experienced writers, working full time, as well as project-to-project basis, we generally work with a very quick turnaround time. Project Turnaround Time will strictly be based on your requirements, or it will be mutually decided prior to starting the assignment.

Yes! Our writers will write a thesis for you if you want.

We most certainly do. If you have a portal or a website or marketing collateral that needs an inflow of continuous content and needs to be regularly updated, we can help you out. We provide you with daily, weekly or monthly content update based on your requirement on a regular basis.

Of course, we can. We have a highly knowledgeable team of writers who are adept at writing any and every product description you have to offer, be it a food product or a scientific laboratory instrument. Our writers can write, just about anything that exists in the World.

You will get regular content for your blog(s) and other Social Networking website(s). We help you with developing content and site optimizing your articles to help you gain visibility on the internet. If you require, our writers will directly post to your WordPress blog and SEO optimize the articles on a regular basis, provided that you give us the guidelines beforehand.

Blog writing is among the content writing services we offer. If your business has a blog, we will help you with maintaining it on a regular basis along with creating content that will help you attract a steady flow of visitors. If you want, our writers will directly post to your WordPress blog on a regular basis according to given guidelines. We can also get your articles submitted to various directories like Ezine, ArticleBase, Buzzle, Amazines, etc.

Yes, we do offer translation services to our customers. We translate the English language articles in any language of your choosing depending on your requirement (Except Russian). Do let us know of your request, and we will do our best to deliver.

Yes! We provide SEO content for your blogs and websites. We have a team of expert writers who are well-versed in the subtlety of SEO copywriting and can incorporate relevant keywords without going overboard with it. We do our best here at Extreme-SEO to make your web copy optimized.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If we haven’t been able to reach your expectations or have failed you in any way in our work, kindly let us know. We will go back and make all the necessary changes to suit your request till you are satisfied with the end product.

Search Engine Optimization

Link Building

It is not a good idea to establish a time frame for any link-building campaigns as trying to earn links in a hurry will not get you anywhere. Building links is like paving a road from another website to yours, it must be done with extreme caution, and we cannot say how long it will take. However, if you are just looking for a time estimate, a standard link building campaign can take up to 30 days or more.

Yes! We use 100% legitimate White Hat link building methods.

Here are some hidden benefits of link building which you may or may not be aware of: Internal links in your own website have great value, however the value of these links are exclusive and may vary from link to link. Links in your web-copy have more value than navigational links. Google values links from Social Media Websites, which link to your main website – considering that they are not spammy or involve irrelevant content. A descriptive link with a good caption followed by an image is more likely to be clicked on than just a solitary link. Blogs of your competitors and allies can be used as a Social Media Platform to interact with the customers of your niche.

No, it is not a good idea to indulge in any sort of link-buying activity. Google constantly warns about buying links from high PageRank websites, and we recommend that you heed this warning. These sort of methods are manipulative and not natural – thus is would be wrongful to follow such means to gain exposure. You can buy ads from people but not links.

In spite of all the SEO influence links have on your website, you would want to create value for your readers (humans) on your website. Do not simply post tons of meaningless links on your website, instead focus on giving quality links which your visitors will appreciate. Build your website for humans, not just for search engines. There is a count on the number of outgoing links from a page, and it is 100.

Yes! We would love to tell you some natural ways to link building. Here they are: Submit your website in as many directories as possible Be more active on social media, give value to your esteemed consumers, and they will link back to you themselves. Maintain a blog (It is all about value) Take part in discussions in other blogs in the same or related niche.

Authority websites have huge traffic and they drive people with the 'same intention' to your websites. For example – If you are a cosmetic company, it would be a good idea to get keyword rich links from websites and blogs that involve, beauty and lifestyle and fashion etc. You will not gain any stable readership from visitors who came through a camera and photography website. Always stay focused with your link strategy – It is all about quality, not quantity. Remember one powerful authority link can do the job, which a 100 useless low-quality links cannot achieve.

Yes! We have a team of 36+ highly crafted USA wordsmiths who can write on any niche and any category possible, with some amount of research. They will write 100% Unique and quality-centric content for all your submissions. We do not outsource any of our content development requirements and have a team of Editors, check they content for quality and integrity before posting them along with your links.

Yes! We use drip feed methods wherever required. For those people who do not know what drip-feeding is, here is a short explanation: Even though backlinks have lost their weight as ranking signals, they are still very powerful means of getting noticed by search engines. The more authority and quality backlinks you have, the better it will be for your website, but there are a few other factors, which determine the value of the link (apart from the source of the link) Google has been revoking its guidelines since the past few years, trying to get them as close to perfection as possible. Building backlinks and gaining internet fame is not like it used to be 2 years ago, you simply cannot throw (n) number of quality backlinks at your target page in a day and expect to rank in search engines. You have to use drip-feeding. Google is constantly keeping a check on all websites and their ways of acquiring links. Apart from the ways of acquiring links and their integrity, it also sees the pattern of incoming links and their velocity. Google prefers websites, which get links naturally than those websites, which post link – after – link – after – link to be noticed. Drip-feeding method involves slow buildup of links instead of bulk (50-100 at the same time). Google loves quality and natural links, and these types of links can only come up over time.

No, we do not outsource link building. In fact, we do not outsource any of our services. We hire trained professionals who are good at what they do. We like to keep surveillance on the progress of our projects and their integrity, which would never be possible if we outsource the services.

The disadvantages of the drip-feed method are very significant as there is a potential risk of missing the benefit of a hot and trending topic. Another disadvantage of the drip-feed method is that if you post links over a long span of time, they are going to take more time to get noticed by search engine crawlers (delaying their indexing time).

No, we do not use any link building software as such softwares go beyond our work ethics. We believe in building quality and natural links, which is never possible with automated softwares. We believe that links can only be earned, not acquired so the only way of building ethical, and quality links is by manual labor.

These are common metrics used to discern the value of a domain, but one needs to check the link popularity profile of a website before they say that a domain is authoritative. These metrics are not enough to determine the value of a website as other aspects such as quality of content and Google trust rank play a significant role as well. DA – Domain Authority As explained by MOZ, Domain Authority is a calculated metric to display whether a given domain has a chance to rank in search engines or not. This is based on compiled data from Mozscape and includes Moz Rank, link counts and Moz Trust along with several other ranking factors. PA – Page Authority As coined by Moz, page authority is the calculated metric to display whether a given page has a chance to rank in search engines or not. This is based on compiled data from Mozscape and includes Moz Rank, link counts and Moz Trust along with several other ranking factors. TF/CF – Trust Flow / Citation Flow Majestic SEO coined these two terms, trust flow is a metric to discern the trustworthiness of a link by determining the number of trusted websites linking back to that website. Citation Flow is a metric to display the influence potential of a URL by determining how many websites link to it.

Project Management

Social Media Management

If you have been a part of social media websites, you must have clearly noticed that asking for votes is a common trend in such websites. So yes, you can ask for votes, but always keep in mind that Social Media is a free platform where people can give their opinion and do things the way they want to, nothing can be imposed on them. Therefore, you should maintain certain etiquette when you ask for votes. If you have a give and take mentality, asking for a vote is fine. Only approach those people who are in your connection, don’t coax people for votes who you do not know personally – If they like your content, they will vote for it themselves. Don’t coerce anyone more than the saturation point, remember, there is a limit to everything. Make sure you ask for votes on something, which is worth voting for. Don’t ask votes for meaningless posts. If you can follow these set guidelines, it is okay to ask for votes.

This all boils down to the requirements and scope of your business – Both large social media websites and small (niche) based social media websites have their own importance. Larger websites have more and diverse user base and cover all sorts of different topics and content. Smaller niche based websites have less user-base but are more focused on a particular topic or niche. Even though the targeted traffic in small niche websites will be less, but there is a high chance to divert a good amount of leads from those websites as most of them will be interested in your products and services.

Every blogger has an initial plan. If targeting social media users or generating more traffic to your blog is a plan (That is mostly the case), then it would be a good idea to target social media users through your blog posts. When you opt for such strategies, it is a good idea to keep track on the past performance of your posts. Did the post with that image get more attention? Did that controversial video strike more conversation in the users? Getting an answer to such questions can enhance your experience as a blogger.

This completely depends on the Social Network you want to submit content to. Many social networks appreciate user-posted content and value the content that is created by the users themselves, but there are some social media platforms, For Example Digg, where most of the users do not appreciate the content that is owned by the users themselves. Such platforms only value content if it is authoritative or is a great share. So it is better to understand the demographic of a social network and their likes and dislikes before posting your own content.

The cost of a Social Media Campaign varies from business to business. It all scales down to the resources of a company and what is their business objective. The most basic of social media campaigns start from a few hundred dollars, and they can scale up thousands of dollars. In the end, what matters is the ROI, and yes! Social Media campaigns will maximize your business ROI if done in the correct manner.

Social Media Platform is not a marketing platform; it is a place where businesses form a bond with their target audience. Users of social media websites generally visit your website to see what is hot and trending, they do not have the intention to buy your products or services. Think about it like this, if a user had the intention to buy a product, he would visit the marketplace directly, instead of coming to a social media website. Secondly, social media websites offer too many options and content. Thus, users in such websites do not have a very long attention span. As soon as they find another thing of interest, they move on.

Yes! Facebook likes and Twitter fans are important, but only to some extent. If you previously bought Facebook likes or Twitter fans from someone, then they are meaningless. However, if you have worked hard in earning your fans in an organic manner, then those numbers represent the current following of your company. There is no point in running meaningless giveaway’s and events just to increase your fan count or likes. There should be a solid motive behind your social media campaigns which aim to convert those possible leads into organic followers of your business.

No! That is a completely wrong approach to Social Media though process. Your consumers do not need your permission to indulge in a conversation related to your brand or company. If you do not take part in discussions or conversations, they will still occur regardless of your absence. But a setback would be you would not be able to voice your opinion if you have not been actively taking part in the discussions. Another reason would be, it is human nature to whine and comment about someone who is not in the room, but it takes a lot more guts to talk or comment about someone, when they are listening. This applies to Social Media as well, if your audience knows that you are listening and watching their moves, this can create a psychological trigger and limit the number of negative comments in your social media profile. If you are inactive in Social Media, this means that you are wasting a precious platform which will give you valuable feedback about the likes and dislikes of your target consumers.

There is no need to worry if you do not have a social media presence. We will collect all necessary information from you such as, brand name, logo, motives, messages, location, email, etc. and create your social media profiles in your desired channels.

There are no shortcuts to gaining organic likes and followers in your social media platforms. The only way to achieve this is by giving your viewers quality in all aspects, be it a product you sell, the services you render or the content you share. If your content has value for the viewers, they will most obviously follow and like you. Getting organic likes and followers may involve a lot of hard work like, posting or sharing such content that is useful. This world thrives on a give and take policy, so till you do not give social media users something worth their time, they will not convert into your followers.

Most Internet Startups or big organizations lack the time or resources to manage their social platforms. Social Media platforms can be very time consuming to manage, and they require a constant check on the activity of your users. Users appreciate companies that keep their social profiles updated and engage in conversation in a respectable time. This is where Social Media Management comes in. A group of dedicated and trained Social Media Experts manage the profile of their clients thereby saving them precious time and resources and keeping the conversations going in the social channels.

First it is important to understand the reason behind their negativity. See who the person is, whether he is an ex-employee of your company, an angry customer, a dissatisfied customer or a mean competitor. If it is an ex-employee or a mean competitor or someone with devilish desires, it will be in your best interests to block the person from your social media profile – This option is available in most Social Media Platforms today. If the negativity is coming from an angry or dissatisfied customer, use it to set an example to the other people in social media network. Try to find the reason of the customer’s disappointment, give a valid explanation and try to resolve their problem in front of everyone. This will set a positive vibe amongst the viewers in your social media profile; you may as well earn a lifelong customer and convert a few leads in the process.

The answer to this question depends on the type of your business and its objectives. If you are an Internet Based company which seeks to expand its consumer base and followers, then Social Media Management is the way to go. If the goal of your company is to engage with their customers and increase brand awareness, then no other platform can make you achieve your goals faster than the Social Media platforms.

If you already have social media accounts but are unsure if they are configured properly or not, there is no need to worry. We will conduct a thorough audit of all your social profiles and optimize them for you so that they are updated with all your correct information and functioning properly.

As the old saying goes, there is nothing better than an existing client coaxing others to be a part of your company. Before the time of Social Media, it was all about advertisements and publicity. Brands had an impact on consumers and businesses alike with the same campaign. It is still the same case with Social Media Platforms, but common belief seems to disagree. If a business is actively taking part in Social Media Platforms then, it is bound to get noticed by clients and other businesses alike. Social Media of all things does not discriminate between users. Everyone has equal grounds, so the Client is on the same platform that a Business would be on. According to us, B2B marketers hold a lot of advantages in Social Media than B2C Clients.

Social media has been a boon to all businesses that have become a part of it. However, there is a saturation point of everything, and even Social Media is starting to get saturated. It is becoming overwhelmed with advertisements and other such irritating elements. Too much of anything is bad as people say, and because of this, some businesses that have already used and overused all the tricks in the trade are starting to see their sales slowdown where their competitors still seem to flourish. This is because the former businesses have used Social Media as a weapon to replace all their Marketing strategies while the competitors only use social media as a complement to their business strategies. Social Media should not be used to replace any other form of Marketing Strategy. It is a catalyst for any business, there is no point in over using it. A properly customized approach to Social Media is important to see positive results and reach business milestones.

Social Media results can be seen through a very careful observation of the changes in your social media profiles before, during and after your social media campaigns. This is our way of measuring social media success. Take the present standing of a brand/business in social media before initiating a campaign. After the campaign is initiated, mark the number of people who were impacted with the message of the company. From the number of people your message was sent out to, how many people did take part took part in the campaign. And lastly, how many people took action after the campaign was over. This was one can gradually measure the returns of a social media strategy for their business.

Project Support

SLA Response Times: We mostly respond within a maximum of 12-24 hours during the working days and 24-48 hours during the holidays. Business Hour Compliant SLAs: Our Sri Lankan operations standard business hours are from 9 AM - 5 PM weekdays and 9 AM-1 Pm only on Saturdays ( +5:30 GMT )  Holidays: We are closed every Sunday and Sri Lankan general public holidays.

We determine success metrics for all our digital marketing programs by performing a COCA (cost of customer acquisition) analysis before any contracting. We consider metrics such as the LTR (lifetime revenue) of our clients, LTV (lifetime value), our client’s gross margin, and COCA percentage to determine a maximum COCA that ensures a digital marketing program with eventual ROI. Also, we track KPI’s through the OKR process.

Our digital marketing campaign execution is based on the OKR process, which includes 6 steps: Assess, Plan, Build, Drive, Optimize, and Grow.   Assess In this stage, we will assess your brand's current digital marketing performance to create a benchmark and get an understanding of KPI’s.   Plan Now that there is an understanding of your current digital marketing performance, we'll move into the Plan Stage where we will collaborate on, research, and define suitable digital marketing strategies for your business.   Build In the Build Stage, we'll build data-driven digital marketing strategies for your business.   Drive In the Drive Phase, based on your growth objectives, resources, and budget, we'll drive conversions for your business using our personalized digital marketing strategies.   Optimize Based on the results, we'll optimize the digital marketing strategies to maximize the performance.   Grow Once your digital marketing campaign is up and running, we'll strategize additional performance marketing solutions to grow your business.

Multilingual SEO

Magento SEO

The Magento platform automatically creates individual product URLs, but its setback is that if left un-optimized, it will create duplicate product URLs if a product belongs to more than one category. There is an easy fix to this, In the SEO configuration setting, go to catalog and then click on Search Engine Optimization. From there, select display URLs as top-level product URLs (For Example This will create a single Canonical (preferred) page for the search engines to crawl. If left un-optimized search engine spiders will crawl the website to find duplicate URLs for those products with multiple categories and flag them as duplicate content.

The Magento SEO plugin is just a basic add-on for Magento, it can only tweak minor things like product meta tags and anchor text. The actual Magento SEO process includes many more things like Magento crawalability setup, Content development, Canonicalization etc. These tasks cannot be performed by an automated bot. In other words, Magento SEO is not magic, it needs manual labor to be accomplished which is impossible without a professional Magento SEO team. This is the reason you need our Magento SEO services.

Even though the Magento platform is feature intensive, with all its imbalanced features it has a few setbacks as well; it can get annoyingly slow at time. We have a few tweaks which can be performed to speed up your Magento platform, such as: Employ full page caching using varnish or other modules Use mod_pagespeed Images should be served by CDN Use Magento optimized hosting services for faster response If you have recently migrated from an old platform to Magento, remember to optimize your redirects in the .htaccess file However minor, page speed is a ranking factor for your website, which should only be worried upon if your website is performing extremely slow. Apart from the above mentioned techniques, there are other advanced SEO techniques also, which our Magento SEO team is well versed at.

WordPress SEO

Technical SEO

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing, unlike other forms of marketing, does not only build a customer base for your brand. It works in a synonymous fashion to build your brand authority and helps you retain you old customers as well. These factors are more beneficial for the long-run of a company, than for its short term – thus it is not possible to measure the ROI of an Inbound Campaign.

Yes! Many companies we know have inbound marketing executives as a part of their team. But, it is essential to remember that having a team like ours, you will not only get manpower, but also our imbalanced experience. We assign separate teams for each client’s depending on their volume of work. Finding a good inbound marketer is not easy, there are various factors involved like your location, experience and the amount you might be willing to shed.

White Paper and eBooks are the essentials of all Inbound Marketing strategy. Without these, it would be impossible to generate leads; in fact, they are the easiest ways of generating leads for your business. Today’s world is all about give and take, and till your potential customers don’t get something, they will not give anything (mostly information and contact) to your company. These materials form the basics of establishing a relationship with your future customers. If you cannot capture the leads, then how can you convert them into loyal customers?

Inbound Marketing is not a click and go procedure, it happens over a span of time, which makes it impossible for us to give you an estimation of how long it might take to see results. There are many factors involved – the industry you belong to, performance of your website, what is the content velocity and other essentials. When you opt for Inbound Marketing, it’s better to have a long term approach and not expect any benefits in the near future.

The start-up time is normally 15-30 days from the date of service agreement. In these days, we try to setup everything so that the Inbound Marketing Campaign is not interrupted after it starts. During the time, we transfer the necessary knowledge base about your business to our employees and the tactics of your strategists to your internal marketing agent (if any). We also give our writers stable time to prepare for the oncoming project, so they are well versed with what they have to do, before we begin.

Yes, you can always opt for whatever marketing strategy you choose, but you have to remember it won’t be much of a help. There is no point in running around haywire when you already have a map to your destination. Inbound marketing will make believe any milestones, but it is all a matter of time. Without having a tactical approach to your marketing, it is not going to get you far, at least not in the long run.

We have a team of USA based wordsmiths who have been extensively interviewed before joining our company. They all have their strong niches and confidence zones so we try to assign the work to only those who are knowledgeable in your field. In case we do not have subject matter experts in your field, we conduct interviews and hire a field expert to write for your Inbound Campaign.

Reputation Management

Brand Activation


The ethical practices in SEO or maintaining the virtue of your website and the SERP (Search Engine Result’s Page) is termed as White Hat SEO whereas the unethical practices in SEO are called Black Hat SEO. Authentic SEO tactics that help you develop user-appreciated page rank are considered White Hat practices, and they include the following: Internal Linking–Linking another section present in the same page, this helps the reader stay in the same page but enables them to navigate to the source related to the reader. Site Optimization – This includes title updates, meta-tag creation, restructuring for attaining high SEO among other things. enuine original content – This helps in creating original content on the website. Unique content is deemed valuable by both the search engines and potential customers. Reciprocal Linking – It is the process through which links are exchanged among webmasters to get additional incoming links. White Hat practices help websites gain recognition by search engines but if found to be practicing Black Hat SEO, will lead to the website being condemned, which may result in: Site Banning – When a website is banned in a search engine because of using Black Hat practices and violating the rules of Google webmaster guidelines. Penalty – Websites are penalized by search engines by causing low ranks if the site is found guilty of practicing unethical activities like hidden links, irrelevant links, bad neighbor links, keyword stuffing, etc.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process that helps you get more traffic on your website by letting search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing find and position your site above millions of other similar sites. This in turn allows higher number of visitors to approach your website for products, information or service you provide. SEO can do this by looking after how your website is communicating with search engines. This ranges from simple things like adding contents and images on your website, linking selecting code for your site and helping you to choose search engine friendly keywords and phrases to more complex work like researching as well as tracking information on visitors from any given website. The data that is received can then be analyzed to compare with information received from your PPC campaign. All the information and strategies are then used by SEO to maximize traffic on your website. This in turns allows your business to flourish.      

The rate or measurement of the number of back-links completely indexed in a specific period of time or the number of links de-indexed in that period of time is called Link Velocity. In other words, Link Velocity is the rate at which incoming links are added to your website. The chances of your website to achieve a top rank on search engine depend on the Link Velocity of your website. But by adding low-quality network links or “spams” to gain a better and higher Link Velocity, you will end up being punished by search engines. Domain Authority measures the power of a domain name. It is one of the search engine ranking components, and it is based on three factors: Age, Popularity and Size. The search engine helps users by providing them with a trustworthy website. With new website coming up every second and not lasting long, Domain Age sets apart a website due to its longevity and communicates to the search engine that the website is trustworthy. Similarly, when the owner of a website has maintained registration of a website continuously for a considerable period of time and was able to produce an increase in traffic, search engine deduce that the website is a trusted source and serves a purpose.

No! Absolutely no hidden costs

We at Extreme-SEO will not be able to guarantee results as doing that will not be providing you with the right information, since a lot of factors go into Google’s algorithm which doesn’t allow anyone to predict whether a site will rank or how it will rank. You can refer to our past case studies to deduct that we use 100% ethical SEO measures to make our clients reach their milestones always.

The duration for getting on top of search engines depends on the site we will be working with and tits requirements. A five-page site in a low competition will be taking lesser time to show results than a 300-page site competing for highly competitive terms. On a general note, an average promotion like a 20-page website with moderate competition would take 2 weeks for site-optimization, a month for link-building and about 3 months to attain the rank. Improvements are often seen after just the site-optimization, but the added weight of the incoming links won’t be applied for about a month after being established.

Spammers and hackers are always able to generate newer methods when an older one is detected. Thus, they escape detection by major search engines. But it is a question of time before algorithms are changed to detect new spam tactics. Therefore, eventually the sites using spam are reported and punished accordingly. In the end, what will actually matter is a top ranking for keywords that are important to the prospect’s business plan, which can only be achieved by ethical measures.

In simple breakdown, SEO 1.0 includes website optimization, image optimization for Google Images, product feed optimization for eCommerce websites and SEO 2.0 includes Social Media Optimization, Article Submission and News Feeds Optimization, YouTube optimization and Local Business Optimization. SEO 2.0 can be defined as the next generation of SEO. Formerly Google was giving major credit to inbound links to evaluate the rank of a website, but over the past few years a lot of algorithmic changes have been introduced. Inbound links still hold a powerful signal, but more factors have been introduced into the ranking signal like the ones mentioned above which help in deducing the rank of a website in Google.

It is impossible to jot down all the tasks that we will be performing under our initial SEO-setup, but we can assure you that regardless of which package you select for SEO we will include the following in your campaigns. Content Development Copy Writing Google Analytics Management Website Repair and Maintenance Dynamic Content Building Inbound Links Building Submission in Directories Submission in Search Engines Google Sitemap Blog Integration Social Media and Networking Tactics Which Cover – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pintrest Social Bookmarking under – Reddit, Digg,, StumbleUpon, etc Reciprocal Linking Strategies 310 Website Redirects Subpage Renaming Favicon Customization Competitors Research and Analysis Anchor Text Quality Image Integration in Website Local SEM including Google Maps And many more things that need to be taken care off in order to achieve our goals. Once the SEO process is initialized, it’s a one-way journey up the stairs till we reach the top.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and it is important to follow crucial SEO measures to retain your ranking on Search Engines. Our case studies show websites that we had optimized over the period of 1-4 years from now so the only explanation that we can give is – The websites were ranking after our optimization, but they did not follow the SEO checklist or periodic SEO maintenance to retain their ranks. If you are not actively taking part in the Internet then other websites / competitors websites which are more active are bound to overtake and outrank your website.

Keyword Research

Since keywords describe the theme on your page, it is extremely important that they be chosen carefully. Keywords (KW) are two kinds: Short-tail KW and Long-tail KW. Short-tail KW is short. Therefore, they bring more traffic to your page. Long-tail KW is long, precise and thus, less popular. But if a visitor’s choice perfectly matches the long-tail KW, the site gets a new client. Also, the conversion rate of a long-tail KW is higher than a short-tail KW. Keyword research and a thorough market analysis are essential for bringing more results to a page. The power of an effective keyword decides the richness of the content. But consecutively, overloading a page with keywords is not advisable as it is a serious turn-off for a reader. Setting your preferences, choosing valuable yet uncompetitive word helps in targeting the right audience. Also to help your page achieve high rank in search engines, highlight the keyword.

SEO Audit


Multilingual Digital Marketing

As long as all the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines are followed, you can make multiple domains on the same domain or a country exclusive domain. Everything depends on the requirements and resources of your business. The most efficient practices are to build country specific domains hosted in that country with targeted local directors and subdomains for respective languages of the same country. Again, everything depends on the resources of your company as country specific domains are expensive and require more supportive framework. An easier alternative is to host multiple language websites under the same domain. The setup procedure is easy and Geo-tagging is also easy with Google Webmaster’s Tools. This is also an effective process; everything depends on the resources of your company.

No! It is not important to register websites with foreign extensions and in fact, we strongly advise against doing the same. This might contradict the belief of many SEOs and webmasters, but no foreign search engine gives priority to a website based on its extension. For example, what would happen to those foreign webmasters who prefer to have a .com or .net extension to their websites? The consequences involved if a foreign search engine gives rank based on the extension of a website are much grave than they seem to appear. There are countries with diverse languages, if there were to rank websites on the basis of their extension, it would be nearly impossible to discriminate between those languages which are used over various locations. To add to that, if a person was able to register for foreign extensions then it would be a misleading endeavor to the locals who would assume that the website had a physical address in their country, which would not be the true case. Thus according to the present local restrictions a company cannot register for a foreign extension till it has a physical address in the prospective country.

There is no need to worry as this is an automated change in text that is done by the programs we use to make the characters readable by search engines. Most of the times these characters will represent the small ‘accent’ sign over “e” or other such characters. When the text is pulled into the various search engines with read that language, it will display the information properly. There is no mistake what so ever in our translation or typing.

Yes! It is mandatory to translate your website before enlisting in foreign search engines and directories. For Example, if you want to put up your website on a Chinese search engine, then you must have at least one page (generally your home page) translated and optimized in Chinese before trying to enlist it in a Chinese search engine. If you want a Russian website, then you must have at least one page translated in Russian and optimized with Russian Keywords to enlist in Yandex search engine. These pages are considered as “Foreign” entry pages. This is the right process of making an entry into a foreign market. There are separate rules for separate countries, so we always have natives of respective countries cater to their respective webpages.

Simple automated softwares like Google Translate are only used to translate websites on demand basis. They do the translation for humans that too word by word, so it is impossible for foreign search engines to interpret the content that is translated by such softwares. To add to this, due to the nature of the translation being automated, there are several mistakes and at times hilariously wrong. We believe that the only way language can be translated is manually, because only a native speaker will be able to write content that will stir the chords of the audience of his country. If you want to opt for multilingual websites, the only option at your disposal is to hire talented native translators.

We hire native speakers from all parts of the world to cater to the needs of those websites that need to be translated and optimized in the respective languages. Our team is spread across the world, and most of our translators live in their respective countries so they are familiar with the language and cultural restraints of those countries. We believe nobody can write content to win the hearts of the target audience, except for a native speaker, but we do not use the same individual for different types of projects. We do not use any kind of softwares or cheap tactics for translation purposes. In fact, we keep our translators motivated by paying them a premium amount for the work done. Various search engines have their own set of guidelines, and this is the reason we hire search engine experts in various languages to optimize the pages of our clients. Their job is to stay updated with all the changing algorithms of respective search engines so that they are ready to optimize whenever necessary. Creating and optimizing a page for a foreign language is more than just translating the pages and converting the Meta tags and anchor texts, our SEO experts across various countries of the world know what they are doing and they are the best in this field.

The answer to this question completely depends on the domain, type and subject matter of the page being submitted. We do not submit your URL blindly to all search engines; we meticulously select only those search engines which will matter to your business when optimizing your website for Multilingual SEO. Most search engines today do not take manual submissions; they will send spiders to your websites periodically and index your pages if they are found relevant to their language and guidelines.

Yes! One “foreign entry” page is sufficient for content relevancy, but most webmasters and SEO companies have this common disbelief that, this is not the case. According to Extreme-SEO, if you have one foreign entry page you are eligible for a top ranking in foreign search engine. In theory and practice, English is considered the mother of all databases. It is a commonly known fact that websites are ranked in English on the basis of their link popularity and keyword focused content relevancy. When a multilingual page is made a part of an English website then its ranking is calculated in a different pattern. Let’s take for example; we upload a French webpage in Then this French webpage would completely benefit from the ranking signal which has already been established in Google through In lay man’s term, a foreign entry page should only be considered as an entry page into an English Website. But, if the same page was placed on a URL of its own, it would not have any standing in the search engines. To be precise, a website with just a single page in a translated language would be considered as lacking in terms of content volume by search engines to even index it. Let us talk about the opposite scenario for example – We will take a German website and add a single English Entry page to it. The English page would not rank is it does not comply with the English guidelines, but if a German page was added to an English website, it would retain the rank of the English website and its eligibility if it follows the guidelines that are relevant to German optimization.

It is important to note that an SEO expert in a particular language is not fit to SEO for any other language except for that language (except if he is well-versed in the other language and the search engine guidelines for it). One of the main differences between English and Foreign Algorithms is that “link popularity” – which is a very strong signal in the English Guidelines, is not even included as a ranking signal in any other language, especially for those languages that have a low keyword density factor. Asian search engines consider the total number of characters allowed while German or French search engines have a totally different keyword grant. There are 64 Bit languages and 32 Bit languages; all have their own exclusive ranking factors. Such is the case for SEO of multilingual websites that, if a particular language follows a set of guidelines, another language may have a completely different set of guidelines that does not remotely resemble the former language. This is the reason Extreme-SEO only hires native search engine experts, whose job is to stay well-versed with the ever changing guidelines of their search engines. Working with native speakers who are updated with the search engine guidelines ensures a smooth process. These SEOs work in full cooperation with our copywriters and translators. The optimization of multilingual pages goes well beyond the scope of traditional translation of content, anchor text and Meta tags. The knowledge of a native SEO expert is an irreplaceable asset for such precision driven projects.

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